Senptec SPDU SP4210

Die-cast aluminum housing with a high waterproof rating of up to IP67
Built-in CAN communication interface for remote monitoring of all data
Power supply and DC-DC input in parallel with reverse power protection function
High-current terminal blocks with temperature detection and protection against overheating and overload
Current and temperature detection functions, as well as overload protection, for all input channels
Imported high-power chips that are highly responsive, accurate in current limiting, and reliable with a long lifespan
Programmable settings for protection current, protection time, and control logic for all channels, offering flexible control options.

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Full name “Smart Power Distribution Unit,”commonly abbreviated as SPDU.
Senptec SPDU is a reliable, integrated, fully enclosed all-chip digital power distribution module designed specifically for trucks, buses, off-road mobile equipment, and other industrial applications.
Senptec SPDU features multi-channel high-side outputs, with each channel integrating comprehensive protection and diagnostic functions such as voltage monitoring, current monitoring, overcurrent, overvoltage, over-temperature, short circuit protection, and programmable automatic retry function

Comparison between SPDU and traditional fuse boxes:

Advantages of SPDU:

Fail-safe Mode: The unique Fail-safe Mode of Senpeng SPDU ensures that in the event of a severe system failure, the software and hardware watchdogs force a system reset. During this time, the Limhome Mode takes control of critical load outputs, ensuring that important functions are maintained and preventing the failure of essential system functions.
Maintenance-free lifespan: SPDU design enables the module to operate without maintenance for the entire lifespan of the vehicle (chip switches with more than 10^15 cycles without performance degradation).
Safety goals: The device does not open or close unexpectedly, and it remains undamaged in application due to load issues.
Enables intelligent connectivity between cloud-based backend and client applications for data exchange.
Supports functional safety designs compliant with national standards.
Supports low-power designs for applications with virtual power master switches.

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