Senptec DWP Module

SDP-0321 DWP (Driver’s workplace) is a modular and ergonomic instrument panel that conform to EU standards VDV 234 and ISO 16121-3. With an optional 10.1-inch control panel on right hand side.

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Display LCD12.3“
Connectable cameras up to 4 (reverse gear. doors. …)
HMI Up to 47 Keys – they can be personalized
(of which: 1 for hazard flasher and 4 for the doors)
Lights control rotary switch 1
Left lever Direction lights, high beams
Right lever windshield wipers controls
Steering column with multiple position adjusting  movement;according to VDV234. Optional: with SAS interface
Ignition Key with safety lock on steering column 1
Adjustable air flow grids 2
Inputs and Wake-up function up to 107
Outputs up to 68
Interfaces 6 CAN, 1LIN
Approvals and Directives R10, R118,VDV 234



Senptec Driver‘s workplace

Senptec Driver‘s workplace

Application Scenarios



Senptec DWP equips YuTong
Senptec DWP equips YuTong bus
Senptec DWP equips ZhongTong bus
Senptec Driver’s Workplace equips ZhongTong bus
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