Senptec Engine monitor SPC3-M3R

Operating Temperature: Circuit part: -40°C to 85°C, LCD screen: -25°C to 70°C.
Operating Humidity: ≤85%RH.
Operating Voltage: DC 9-32V.
Standby Power Consumption: ≤1mA.
Front Panel Circuit Waterproof Level: IP67.
Weight of the whole device: Approximately 980g.

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The SPC3-M3R engine CAN monitori is primarily developed for electronic control diesel engines. It integrates microelectronic technology, electrical measurement technology, analog-to-digital mixed-signal processing technology, CAN communication technology, vehicle control technology, engine electronic control technology, and other intelligent instruments and control equipment. With high integration and strong CAN gateway functionality, it is an ideal product for engineering vehicle CAN communication and electrical control.

It can integrate transmission system, hydraulic system parameter display, and control of water pump and other electrical components.

It features a large-sized high-brightness TFT full-color LCD screen, combined with traditional LED symbol indicators, capable of displaying various engine operating data and fault information.

It has a unique function menu design, allowing users to select different types of body sensors according to their needs.

It is compact in size, versatile in functionality, highly reliable, and stable. It is installed on the instrument panel inside the driver’s cabin using embedded installation method. It also has a high-level waterproof and dustproof faceplate, presenting an aesthetic and elegant appearance.

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