Senptec CANbus Water Temp Gauge Meter

Operating voltage 9 to 32V DC(reverse polarity protected)

Operating temperature -40℃ to +85℃(-40°F to +185°F)

Vibration resistance      Random:10~500Hz

Overall dimensions      See below

Viewing Angle      170°

According to the effect Clearly visible in the sunlight

Protection grade   IP67

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Functional Features

With 1 CAN communication interface, 2 analog input;

Signal CAN come from battery voltage or engine CAN message. CAN packets have priority. Users CAN also customize CAN information.

Conform to the J1939,Suitable for Cummins, Weichai and other domestic and foreign engines;

Independent research and development, professional automotive components quality assurance.

Typical Applications

Engineering Machinery, Special Vehicles, Sanitation Equipment, Generator Set, etc.

Road and Bridge, Ship, Petroleum(oil), Mining Equipment Industry and Fire Industry, etc.

1、Wiring Instructions:

pin 1 is the power cord, which needs to be connected to the battery constant fire or the main switch fire of the power supply;

pin 2,3 ,4 are CAN communication line, which is connected to engine ECU after twisted-pair; When the engine is not electronically controlled, the three wires are not connected;

pin 5 is the standby analog input, supporting resistance type, voltage type, 4-20mA sensor and frequency input;

Plug end model: Deutsch DT06-6S;

pin 6 is ground wire, which needs to be connected with wire.

2、Signal Source:

The instrument works preferentially from CAN signal, if there is no CAN signal, it works according to sensor signal, but the customer needs to provide sensor parameters.

pin diagram of senpetec water temp gauge
pin diagram of senpetec water temp gauge

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