Senptec Smoke Detector System YT-01

SP-YT series is an active vehicle smoke detection system

It is a smoke alarm device designed for new energy vehicle environment. Adopting suction air sampling, smoke particle concentration detection, CO (carbon monoxide) concentration detection, gas temperature detection, large-scale integrated circuit, intelligent composite alarm algorithms, with high alarm accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, low failure rate, etc., and can be fully adapted to high temperature, high humidity, vibration, and other harsh working environments.

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Suction sampling

Sensor can raise the alarm by LED and buzzer

Communication interface: RS485, CAN

Sensor Parameters


Dimensions 85L*57W*61.6H mm
Supply Voltage DC1632V
Operating temperature -20~80
Alarm threshold valueAdjustable) Smoke concentration≥4%,Temperature≥85



SP-YT carbon monoxide consentration detection
SP-YT carbon monoxide consentration detection
SP-YT Smoke alarm
SP-YT Smoke alarm
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