Working voltage:DC9~32V
Working temperature:-40℃~85℃
Vibration resistance:In line with 10 ~ 500Hz sweep vibration standards
Overall dimensions: See below
Viewing Angle:170°
According to the effect:Clearly visible in the sunlight
Protection grade:IP67
Circuit protection:With positive and negative polarity connection and reverse protection

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Functional Features

  • With 1 CAN communication interface, 2 analog input;
  • LCD display mileage, range and speed ratio can be customized according to customer requirements;
  • Signal comes from engine CAN message or speed sensor, CAN message is preferred;
  • Conform to the J1939,Suitable for Cummins, Weichai and other domestic and foreign engines;
  • Independent research and development, professional automotive components quality assurance.

Typical Applications

  • Engineering Machinery, Special Vehicles,Sanitation Equipment, Generator Set, ETC.
  • Road and Bridge,Ship, Petroleum(oil), Mining Equipment Industry and Fire Industry, ETC.

Dimensions, Wiring and Pins

1、Wiring Instructions:

  • pin 1 is the power cord, which needs to be connected to ACC or ON switch;
  • pin 2,3 are CAN communication line, which is connected to engine ECU after twisted-pair; When the engine is not electronically controlled, the three wires are not connected;
  • pin 4 is the shield line of CAN line;
  • pin 5 is analog/frequency input;
  • Plug end model:Deutsch DT06-6S;
  • pin 6 is ground wire, which needs to be connected with wire.

2、Signal Source:

The instrument works preferentially from CAN signal, if there is no CAN signal, it works according to sensor signal, but the customer needs to provide sensor parameters.

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