Senptec SPDU KM4658

KM4658 is a smart power distribution unit


Be different from classic Power Distribution Unit, KM4658 is definitely upgraded by adopting semiconductor chips instead of classic fuse and relays for power supply management and body control, it realized digital management of low-voltage wiring, which can be transmitted to the cloud and background in real time data delivery.

Application Senario: 12V and 24V low-voltage power distribution system.

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1. Compliant with 12V & 24V applications

2. Multiple I/O interfaces that can easily be adapted to vehicle architectures

3. Improved on-board diagnostic functionality using reliable, over current and short circuit detection, along

with thermal overload detection

4. New load switching technology with precise control of current, dedicated to wide range of loads such as

electrical motors, wipers, bulb/xenon/LED lamps, sensors, etc.

5. E-MARK R10 approved


Dimensions 210L*132W*46H mm
Supply Voltage DC 932V
Operating temperature -40~85
Static Current 3mA
Digital input 58channels
15A 4 channels
10A 12 channels
5A 30 channels
CAN interface 3 channels


Intelligent Power distribution unit KM4658
Intelligent Power distribution unit KM4658
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