Senptec PDU SP200M


SP200M is a cooling Fan Controller


Specially  be developed for intelligent control of cool fans.
There are 2 con-fig SP200MA and SP200MB. The Model A has only for cooling fan control, while the Model B integrates power distribution management, speed control, CAN communication, trouble shooting, fuse meltdown alarm, etc.

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Distributed installation, can meet more fan power supply by parallel connection of products

Fan speed supports CAN message control or intelligent adjustment of fan speed by setting the

temperature difference between inlet and outlet water.

Fan power open circuit warning


Dimensions 158L*91.3W*46.4H mm
Voltage Range DC16~32V
Operating temperature -40℃~85℃
Max current DC160A
Static current <50mA
Input Switch value 5 channels
Analog 5 channels
Output 50A 4 & PWM 4
CAN interface 2 channels


Cooling Fan Distribution Box SP200M
Cooling Fan Distribution Box SP200M
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