Senptec SPDU KM7023

Die-cast aluminum housing with a high waterproof rating of up to IP67
Built-in CAN communication interface for remote monitoring of all data
Power supply and DC-DC input in parallel with reverse power protection function
High-current terminal blocks with temperature detection and protection against overheating and overload
Current and temperature detection functions, as well as overload protection, for all input channels
Imported high-power chips that are highly responsive, accurate in current limiting, and reliable with a long lifespan
Programmable settings for protection current, protection time, and control logic for all channels, offering flexible control options.

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Multiple input & output capabilities

Built in diagnostic & protection capabilities

Available for 24 V and 12 V



Dimensions 232*131*46mm
Supply Voltage DC1832V
Operating temperature -30~85
Static Current 3mA
Protection degree IP66
Digital input 15 channels
Output 23 channels
CAN interface 2 channels


intelligent power distribution unit KM7023
intelligent power distribution unit KM7023
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