Senptec SPDU KM2210

Die-cast aluminum housing with a high waterproof rating of up to IP67
Built-in CAN communication interface for remote monitoring of all data
Power supply and DC-DC input in parallel with reverse power protection function
High-current terminal blocks with temperature detection and protection against overheating and overload
Current and temperature detection functions, as well as overload protection, for all input channels
Imported high-power chips that are highly responsive, accurate in current limiting, and reliable with a long lifespan
Programmable settings for protection current, protection time, and control logic for all channels, offering flexible control options.

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Full name “Smart Power Distribution Unit,”commonly abbreviated as SPDU.
Senptec SPDU is a reliable, integrated, fully enclosed all-chip digital power distribution module designed specifically for trucks, buses, off-road mobile equipment, and other industrial applications.
Senptec SPDU features multi-channel high-side outputs, with each channel integrating comprehensive protection and diagnostic functions such as voltage monitoring, current monitoring, overcurrent, overvoltage, over-temperature, short circuit protection, and programmable automatic retry function

Advantages of Senptec SPDU:

Fail-safe Mode: The unique Fail-safe Mode of Senpeng SPDU ensures that in the event of a severe system failure, the software and hardware watchdogs force a system reset. During this time, the Limhome Mode takes control of critical load outputs, ensuring that important functions are maintained and preventing the failure of essential system functions.
Maintenance-free lifespan: SPDU design enables the module to operate without maintenance for the entire lifespan of the vehicle (chip switches with more than 10^15 cycles without performance degradation).
Safety goals: The device does not open or close unexpectedly, and it remains undamaged in application due to load issues.
Enables intelligent connectivity between cloud-based backend and client applications for data exchange.
Supports functional safety designs compliant with national standards.
Supports low-power designs for applications with virtual power master switches.

1-channel CAN bus compliant with CAN 2.0B standard, featuring an IP67 protection rating.
13 inputs, including 3 analog/resistance measurements and 10 switch inputs (7 configurable as high/low, 3 low-level effective).
Includes two 25A outputs, which can be shared for a total load of 50A, four 10A outputs, and sixteen 5A outputs.
Utilizes professional automotive-grade components and high-power imported chips for enhanced control, reliability, and longevity.
Capable of directly driving high-power loads such as motors and lamps, eliminating the need for relays.
All channels can be programmatically configured for control logic and protection currents, with real-time monitoring of load statuses for all connected channels.
Programmable control logic can be set both locally and through CAN communication, with logic options including AND, OR, and NOT.
Equipped with features such as output overcurrent protection and short circuit protection.
Output pins employ high-side switches for control, enabling direct usage in complex and harsh automotive electronic environments. HSD also integrates comprehensive diagnostic functionality, allowing for intelligent configuration through application software. This enhances system safety, reliability, and lifespan while lowering system costs - providing a complete replacement for traditional fuse and relay combinations.

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