Senptec Front Domin Controller SDCF100

Product Name: Front Domain Controller

Product Model: SDCF100

Description: Designed according to the standards of German companies BOSCH and VDO, the Front Domain Controller follows the principle of “fault-tolerant safety”. Even in the event of a failure, it ensures the safety of the electrical circuit. It is mainly applied in the power supply module of new energy buses, with programmable control logic for all channels. It optimizes the vehicle harness, reduces overall costs, and improves distribution efficiency and wiring safety.

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Multiple input & output capabilities

Built in diagnostic & protection capabilities

Available for 24 V and 12V

MBDS tool-chain for application function programming


Supply VoltageDC1832V
Operating temperature-30~85
Static Current3mA
Protection degreeIP54
Digital input66 channels
Analog input2 channels
Output95 channels
Power output1 channel (12V ) 1 channel (5V )
CAN interface3 channels
LIN interface1 channel


Senptec domain controller SDCF100 dimension and pin definition
Senptec domain controller SDCF100 dimension and pin definition
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