Senptec SuperViu Mirro

SuperViu Mirror digital rearview mirror (V/VI) is a camera-monitor system (CMS) developed according to the requirements of ECE R46 and GB 15084. It is composed of a camera module, monitors integrated with the host and harness (refer to Fig. 1), it displays II main rear view and IV wide-angle view to make replacement of traditional II and IV optical mirrors. With digital rearview mirror CAN message (Fig. 2), it can manage field of view, zoom in and out, brightness and other adjustment functions.

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SuperViu Mirror is used to replace traditional Class II and Class IV optical mirrors, it increased Class V blindness and Class VI front field of vision, reducing blind spot, improving field of vision in rainy days, night and other adverse conditions, therefore contributing to driving safety.

Main functions:

  • Power-off/wake-up: when the wake-up signal effective, the digital rearview mirror starts and enters into working mode; when wake-up signal is invalid, the digital rearview mirror enters into power-off mode
  • Monitor brightness adjustment: Class II/IV monitors support manual and automatic adjustment accordingly to ambient light. V/VI class monitors support manual adjustment only, V/VI class monitor adjust brightness synchronized to the right monitor
  • View adjustment:II/IV support CAN message adjustment;V/VI does not support CAN message adjustment
  • Zoom in or out:II/IV view support zoom in by CAN message,V/VI view do not support zoom in by CAN message。
  • Lens heating:Automatically heating to defrost and prevent lens icing in low temperature environment
  • Read analog value:Analog capture: ambient temperature capture for lens heating
  • Video output:The CVBS video output can be recorded by an external DVR device and can be used for background monitoring
  • CAN communication:Enables communication with the entire vehicle
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